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One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation

One Hundred and Eight is an interactive wall-mounted Installation mainly made out of ordinary garbage bags. Controlled by a microcontroller each of them is selectively inflated and deflated in turn by two cooling fans.

Although each plastic bag is mounted stationary the sequences of inflation and deflation create the impression of lively and moving creatures which waft slowly around like a shoal. But as soon a viewer comes close it instantly reacts by drawing back and tentatively following the movements of the observer. As long as he remains in a certain area in front of the installation it dynamically reacts to the viewers motion. As soon it does no longer detect someone close it reorganizes itself after a while and gently restarts wobbling around.

2.40 x 1.80 m
fans, plastic bags, MDF, relays,
a camera, a computer, a microcontroller
and countless screws

summer/autumn 2010

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Rymdreglage - 8-bit trip

Mark Ronson - Record Collection

Mark Ronson - Record Collection - TV Advert

Record Collection TV Ad - Behind The Scenes - Mark Ronson & The Business Intl

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Chanel - Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010/2011

Chanel - Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010/2011 - Making Of Catwalk Decor

Chanel - Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010/2011 Full Fashion Show Part 2 - Detailed


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Versus animations

Contra vs Tetris

Mario Vs Pac Man

Frodo vs Harry Potter

Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones

Emo vs Goth

Artist vs Devil

Accountant vs Designer

Fat Guy vs Thin One

Jack The Pumpkin King vs Beetlejuice

Funny cartoons Star Wars vs Matrix

Funny cartoons Scream vs Broker

Funny cartoons Schwarzenegger vs Stallone

Funny cartoons Saw vs Sherlock Holmes

Versus - Superman vs Wall

Versus - Wolverine vs Mickey Mouse

Versus - Batman vs Dracula

Versus - Jafar vs HULK

Versus - Freddy Krueger vs Sleeping Beauty

Tysoff vs Duke Nuken

Ronaldon vs Ronaldinhon

Ezzy Esbourne vs Omenem

Pretty Woman vs The Jack Ripper

Aulf vs Puss in boots

Hay Ritchie vs Un-Muzzy

Tassie Devil vs Hellraiser

Cool vs Lots | Versus

Worm vs Blackwing Duck | Versus

Mask vs Bugzz Bunny | Versus

J-son vs Seerton John | Versus

David B. vs David C. | Versus

Police vs Prisoner | Versus

Kung Fu Bear vs Liu King | Versus

Sumo vs Karate | Versus

General vs Zombie | Versus

Skinhead vs Skater | Versus

Granny vs Bagman | Versus

Jack Sparrow vs Shracker | Versus

Robocup vs Zorro | Versus

Fadonna vs Brittany | Versus

Pamela vs J.Po | Versus

King Leonidas vs Chuck Morris | Versus

Van Damn vs Seven Steagal | Versus

Frankenstein vs D'Artagnan | Versus

Napoleon vs Kutuzov | Versus

Macho vs Loser | Versus

Godjira vs Statue | Versus

Bombaman vs Tanks | Versus

Jackie San vs The Eye of Sauron

Homeless vs Paris Brighton | Versus

Ninja vs Krasader | Versus

Turtle vs Cook | Versus

Bill G. vs Crazy Professor | Versus

Shrimp vs Prince of Asia | Versus

Darck Vader vs Die Heavy

The Ring vs Robin Hood

Santa Claus vs Christmas Turkey

Asphalt Roller vs bicycle

Snow Queen vs Mr. Lapland

Tarzan vs Woodoo

Obelixus vs Peter Panus

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ENVISION : Step into the sensory box

The Making of the 2010 Pirelli Calendar by Terry Richardson

Pirelli Calendar 2010
Photos: Terry Richardson
Styling: Leslie Lessin
Fashion Producer: Camilla Johnson-Hill
Models: Miranda Kerr, Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Eniko Mihalik, Marloes Horst, Lily Cole, Daisy Lowe, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Georgina Stojiljkovic, Gracie Carvalho and Ana Beatriz Barros.

Full calendar can be found here -->
Backstage photos here -->

Have fun! ;)

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Hocus Pocus - Beautiful Losers

HOCUS POCUS - Making Of Beautiful Losers

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